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PGA member and Certified Teaching Professional Rick Bell teaches not just the ball-striking aspect of the game of golf to all levels of students; he is also a Certified Sports Psychology Instructor and teaches Transcendental Meditation.

His mentors, among others include former PGA Tour player Ralph Johnston, Master Professional Mike Hebron, PGA Hall of Fame member Bill Strausbaugh, noted Sports Psychologist Dr. Robert Smith, and Swami Satchidanada.

Rick likes to say, "A good teacher has a method but a great teacher has many."  As such, he is well prepared to instruct all individuals no matter what their goals and objectives might be; whether just for fun or to play tournament golf.

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From a Colleague...

Richard A. “Rick” Bell is the consummate golf professional. Rick earned his PGA Professional status in 1984 and has worked as both Club Professional and Teaching Professional ever since.

In 1993, he added the title of Sports Psychologist to his long list of achievements, enabling Rick to help his students better understand the all-important mental approach to your golf game. As well, in 2016 Rick completed the PGA Certification Program and is now one of only 21 PGA Teaching Professionals who have attained that status. 

Whether you wish to simply “groove” your swing, desire to create a new one or want to become a “complete” golfer, Rick is definitely the guy to call.

Rick Bell PGA Pro



"Build a simple swing with the fewest moving parts without sacrificing leverage."


From Students

"I now know what good rhythm is and what it feels like. I'll take a few more lessons with Rick to see how it relates to my short game." -Brian L.
"I've taken a lot of lessons with a lot of teachers but these lessons were certainly so worth it.  I'll take more with Rick." -Susan R.
"This was very helpful but also great fun.  Very enjoyable. Not what I expected at all.  I'll take a couple playing lessons with Rick on the course." -Kathy W.
"The psychology stuff was amazing." -Dave R.


Rick Bell PGA Pro


  • Class A Professional
  • PGA Certified Teaching Professional
  • American Development Model
  • PGA President's Council on Growing the Game 2005-2010
  • Fundamentals
    • Grip, Aim & Stance
    • Rhythm & Tempo
  • Sports Psychology
    • Goal Setting
    • Anxiety Management
  • Short Game